Shaw & Crompton is surrounded by amazing greenery (please Oldham council don’t build on it!) Here are some of the great places you can go for a walk / ramble.

Dunwood Park

Dunwood Park is a Green Flag Park with tennis, bowling and play park facilities at Smallbrook Road, Shaw

Dunwood Park was opened on the 14 September 1912. The development of the park was undertaken and funded by Crompton Urban District Council on land given to the council by Captain Abram Crompton, a local major land and mill owner.
Development was in response to industrialisation and the development of Shaw as a major mill town. Detrimental effects of pollution, high density population, disconnection from the countryside and hard working conditions provided a need for development of a ‘breathing space’ which was accessible to all.
The initial development was designed and supervised by Manchester architect, Ernest Woodhouse.

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